Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When I was scared

 3 years ago on July 27th 2007 , I ended up being the most scared in my entire rl life. I was traveling across Canada in a car, having left on the 21st from British columbia with my late bf of the time .We were going around a bend on a highway and the right front wheel near where is sat hit the gravel.He tried to correct the car , but it didnt work. The car spun out of control, when it did the car rolled.  The car ended upside down on it's roof. My left forearm ended up under the car through the sunroof. I cried and started to panic , it scared me. 2 truck drivers were passing by in their trucks and stopped seeing the accident seeing that it just happen. They asked me if I told them my arm was stuck under the car. They got me out of car. I went to the hostipal . I'm still scared to go in cars sometimes cause of the accident or to go on highways. But i take a deep breath and listen to music or plurk on my cellphone the whole way

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